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Traditional funerals follow a set structure, comprising viewings, the funeral service, a burial or cremation and then a wake. 


The deceased’s family and friends can visit their loved one as they lie at peace in the funeral home. 


The service itself will take place at a venue of your choosing, or as laid out in the will of the deceased. The service can take place at a place of worship, a crematorium or, in the case of woodland burials, at a licensed burial site.

Burial or cremation

Burials can take place at a municipal cemetery, a churchyard, or on your own land – use of a cemetery and land are subject to availability and conditions, respectively. 

Cremations take place at crematoriums – we’ll help you find the most conveniently located one. 


After the service and the burial or cremation, the family and friends of the deceased can gather in a less formal setting to pay their respects. Wakes can take place at local pubs, restaurants, function rooms or at somebody’s home. Haseldine can assist with location hire and sourcing catering, if necessary.


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