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Arranging a funeral can be complex and daunting, whether it’s for a loved one or for yourself. Haseldine Funeral Services have facilitated funerals of all kinds, helping customers with their every need. We’ve compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions here; please read on to see if your query is answered. If you still require further information, don’t hesitate to contact us.


When are you available?

We welcome enquiries for estimates and advice any time and are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

What is your process?

When a person dies, it is naturally a very upsetting and emotional time. Unfortunately, during this time important decisions need to be made regarding the funeral arrangements. From the first call to us, we will take the burden of legalities and formalities away giving you the time to concentrate on the important and personal choices.

What if death is expected?

If the death is expected and happens at home a doctor or medical professional must formally confirm this before we are able to take the person into our care. If the person’s doctor’s surgery is open, contact them asking for a doctor to attend. If the surgery is closed phone 111 where you will be transferred to your local out of hours service. Once the death has been confirmed, we can come when you are ready. If the death occurs at a care or nursing home the staff will take care of this for you.

What if death is unexpected?

If the death is sudden or unexpected, the coroner may become involved – this is a formality and nothing to worry about. The police will usually attend on their behalf, ask relevant questions, ensure that everything is in order and complete all of the necessary documentation. Once the death has been confirmed, the police will arrange for the person who has died to be taken to the nearest main hospital where investigations into the cause of death will be carried out. When you feel ready, you can contact us. We will then liaise with the coroner and hospital and bring the person into our care when given clearance. If you feel ready, funeral arrangements may be made before this happens.

How is a person taken into our care?

Unlike many funeral directors, we use a modern estate car to collect the person who has died. It has been specially converted for this purpose. We have specialist equipment to make this process dignified and effortless, and the stretcher always has clean linen and a pillow. The car is always kept clean and presentable – it is discreet and tasteful.

When are you available to respond?

At least two of our team will respond at any time of day or night, and they will always be smart and ready to help in any way possible. We pride ourselves as being approachable and understanding with a manner that puts others at ease. We are caring towards the person who has died at all times. We have all lost someone close to us so we know how important this time is. If you would like something done in a certain way or would like us to dress the person before they leave then please just ask.

Registering the death

If the death was expected the GP will complete a Medical Certificate of Cause of Death which will be available from the surgery once ready. When you have this you will need to make an appointment with the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages within the district in which the death happened. This will need to be done within 5 working days of the death unless there is a delay in receiving the certificate.

Type of service

There is a range of services available to suit the wishes of the deceased and their family. You can choose from a traditional funeral, a burial or a cremation. You can also choose between religious and non-religious services.


Choose when and where the funeral will take place.


Contact Haseldine Funeral Services to discuss your funeral plans. Check if a pre-paid funeral plan is in place – if it is, some or all of the costs may be taken care of already.


Choose between a coffin or a casket. Coffins are tapered from the shoulder down with a removable lid, whereas caskets are rectangular with a hinged lid. You can choose the material and the design of the coffin or casket, too; from hardwood and mahogany to cardboard, there’s options for every budget.

Order of Service

Plan the features of the funeral service; things like songs, hymns, prayers, readings and eulogies.


Choose the music for the service. Maybe the deceased had requested a song to be played at their funeral, or maybe you’d like to choose the music that best reminds you of them.

Flowers and Donations

You can ask guests to bring flowers, or you can arrange for donations to be made to a charity in lieu of flowers. Haseldine can take and transfer funeral donations on your behalf; click here.

If you require funeral flowers, we recommend Flowers with Flair.


From the hearse for the coffin to a specific type of vehicle that befits the deceased’s interests and personality, there’s a range of funeral transport options to choose from.


A wake is a more casual setting where people can toast the person who has passed and talk about their memories of them. You can arrange for catering, perhaps provided by the venue itself, an external company or you may wish to take care of it of your own volition.