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As a final resting place a coffin should be of the highest quality, and at Haseldine Funeral Services, we can source and provide beautiful coffins for funerals in Milton Keynes, Bedford and Newport Pagnell. As trusted coffin suppliers, we’re able to provide coffins for any budget, from hardwood and mahogany to cardboard coffins – we make sure you or your loved one is laid to rest properly and with dignity.


Funeral Caskets

Caskets are different to coffins in that they’re rectangular with a hinged lid, whereas coffins are tapered from the top down, and have a removable lid. Haseldine Funeral Services are able to supply hardwood caskets and mahogany caskets for any funeral or burial, as well as decorated caskets for a personalised touch, perhaps as part of a themed funeral service.

Our experience means we’re able to take care of every aspect of procuring and supplying a casket or coffin. Whether you know exactly what kind of coffin or casket is required or you’d like some honest, expert advice, please contact us today.

Green Coffins

We can supply a range of eco-Coffins, for more information please feel free to contact us.