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Themed funerals are the perfect way to lay someone to rest in a manner that befits their personality and reflects the things that made them special. At Haseldine Funeral Services, we’re experienced directors of personalised funeral services across Bedford, Milton Keynes and Newport Pagnell.

A service designed around a personality

Many aspects of a funeral service can be tailored to reflect the person being laid to rest, from the coffin or casket to the funeral transport. We’re able to hire a range of vehicles as transport or simply as a ceremonial display fleet, including motorcycles and sidecars, Land Rovers and horse and carriages; anything to add a little touch of their personality to the service. 

Our experience and standing in the industry means we’re well-placed to facilitate even the most particular of bespoke funeral services. If you would like to discuss themed funerals, or if you’d like to arrange an appointment to make plans for a funeral, burial or memorial, please contact us today.