When a loved one dies

What to do when a loved one dies

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If they have died at home then the first call is to their normal GP. If this is out of hours then the surgery answer phone will normally give you MKDOC or BEDOC number.

The GP will confirm death. Usually they will then issue a death certificate by lunch time the following day.

We do not need to see this just the name of the GP that has confirmed life extinct.


The home staff will normally call the GP and arrange for them to come in. Some homes will call the Funeral Director but others will let the family.


If the death was not expected then the coroner will be informed by either the paramedic if attended or the GP if they feel that they are not able to issue the cause of death certificate. In some areas the Coroners own contractor will collect the deceased and transport them to either the hospital mortuary or if out hours then their own mortuary. If this happens then the Coroner will speak to the family and normal GP and then make a decision on whether a further examination is required.

If the Coroners contractor has come out they will normally give you a business card so that you can talk to them if you need assistance, however you do have the choice of any Funeral Director of your choosing to carry out the Funeral and all necessary arrangements.


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