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Type of service

There is a range of services available to suit the wishes of the deceased and their family. You can choose from a traditional funeral, a burial or a cremation. You can also choose between religious and non-religious services.


Choose when and where the funeral will take place.


Contact Haseldine Funeral Services to discuss your funeral plans. Check if a pre-paid funeral plan is in place – if it is, some or all of the costs may be taken care of already.


Choose between a coffin or a casket. Coffins are tapered from the shoulder down with a removable lid, whereas caskets are rectangular with a hinged lid. You can choose the material and the design of the coffin or casket, too; from hardwood and mahogany to cardboard, there’s options for every budget.

Order of Service

Plan the features of the funeral service; things like songs, hymns, prayers, readings and eulogies.


Choose the music for the service. Maybe the deceased had requested a song to be played at their funeral, or maybe you’d like to choose the music that best reminds you of them.

Flowers and Donations

You can ask guests to bring flowers, or you can arrange for donations to be made to a charity in lieu of flowers. Haseldine can take and transfer funeral donations on your behalf; click here.

If you require funeral flowers, we recommend Flowers with Flair.


From the hearse for the coffin to a specific type of vehicle that befits the deceased’s interests and personality, there’s a range of funeral transport options to choose from.


A wake is a more casual setting where people can toast the person who has passed and talk about their memories of them. You can arrange for catering, perhaps provided by the venue itself, an external company or you may wish to take care of it of your own volition.