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Simple/Direct Funeral

From £1250.00 + Third party costs

If the cost of a funeral is a concern, but you would still like a traditional service, you can choose a low cost funeral option from Haseldine Funeral Services.

The low cost funeral plan includes all the services and personal support you need for £2613.09 at Bedford Crematorium, £2660.00 at Milton Keynes Crematorium or £2582.00 at Oakfield Garden Crematorium.

  • Funeral director’s services and all arrangements made for cremation only
  • Arrangements can be made in your own home.
  • Conveying the deceased from a local address (within a 20 mile radius)
  • Preparation of the deceased as deemed necessary, including dressing in a gown
  • Provision of a suitable coffin, fully fitted and lined
  • Provision of a minister or celebrant to plan and conduct the service
  • Provision of an estate car and two pallbearers
  • Coffin to travel directly to the crematorium.
  • Doctor’s fees